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Biophysics Tools for Mighty Brain Fitness

Tired of pills? Give biophysics tools a try! 

Remarkable results are being achieved worldwide rejuvenating mood, motivation, motor skills and mental acuity with:


~pulsed electromagnetic frequency

~40Hz A/V encompassment

~molecular hydrogen inhalation

~300mg of sublingual NAD+

Individual 30 minute Brain Spa sessions are $75 each or two for $100.

The Brain Spa is mobile and available for groups in homes, offices and hotel stays.

Brain Spa sessions make a wonderful gift for family, friends, staff or clients!


Create Your Own In-home Brain Spa

Let the brain fitness experts at the Vancouver Dementia 

Prevention Centre help you and your family keep your

brains running optimally. Commit 20 minutes 2-3 times

a week to a luxurious session in your very own neuron salon,

and enjoy remarkable rejuvenation and a renewed peace of mind.


Nebulized Glutathione

Nebulized Glutathione dramatically improves waste disposal from the brain; including but not limited to: heavy metals, free radicals and oligomeric amyloid plaque. Don't leave your 50's without it!


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